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Current Bids and RFPs

Utah State University Purchasing and Contract Services is currently advertising for Bids on the following items. For additional information concerning these and other current Requests for Quotations and to receive copies of the official bid submission documents, please contact Utah State University Purchasing and Contract Services at (435) 797-1033

Active RFP, Bid, RFQ, IFB, or RFI

Bid #
Description Closing Date & Time

RFP# CP001012

Lath House Replacement

The purpose of this RFP is to enter into a contract with a qualified general contractor for construction of a pre-engineered shade structure. For RFP documents contact Gordon Collins at .

Due date is 3-25-20 at 3:00 pm.

@ 3:00 PM

IFB# CP001061

Coal Yard Storage Building

The objective of this IFB is to obtain construction of a pre-engineered metal building for Utah State University.  For bid documents please contact Gordon Collins at .

Due date March 24, 2020 at 3:00 pm

@ 3 P.M.

RFP# GC1388

East Parking Terrace Photovoltaic System Design/Build

The purpose of this RFP is to select a Design/Build team to construct a roof-mounted photovoltaic array on the East Parking Terrace Building at Utah State University. For RFP documents please contact Gordon Collins at .

Due date and time 4-10-20 at 5:00 pm.

@ 5 P.M.


Flight Simulation Training Device
Flight Simulation Training Device for single engine VFR and IFR
For copies of the quote email

2/13/2020 at 3:30 p.m.
RFP# CP000990

Laboratory Animal Research Center (LARC) Ventilation Upgrade & Remodel
The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified A/E design firm to evaluate the current building and ventilation needs and provide a design to implement necessary changes. For RFP documents please contact

@ 3 PM
Awarded to Method Studio
 IFB JB357

SQL Database Development

Bids will be received until 11/15/2019 by 3:00 PM

Please contact Jill Ballard, if you would like to receive an invitation to bid.

Please include your company name and an email address to send the invitation.

@ 3:00 p.m.

Sole Source

Racewood Equestrian Simulators
Racewood is the only company in the world that produces a riding simulator that uses sensors to measure riding aids, utilizes a platform that allows the machine to mimic the horses movement in all 4 gaits and jump.  Other riding simulators are for gaming purposes and lack the riding sensors and the intricacies of the horses gait.  Company sync's available technology with the simulator, so that a vast array of information can be captured and feedback to the instructor or rider, such as balance or rein contact.  Current users find this level of analysis invaluable and obviously much easier to obtain when using a simulator.



MCR 302 Modular Compact Rheometer or equivalent

With 1 each of the following items:





RHEOMETER SOFTWARE RheoCompass                            








MEASURING CONE CP50-1 D: 50 mm; ANGLE 1°                                                            

MEASURING PLATE PP25  D: 25 mm                                                                

MEASURING PLATE PP50  D: 50 mm                                                             


INSET I-PP50/SS D: 50 mm; STAINLESS STEEL; FOR EBS                                                                           


SHAFT FOR DISPOSABLE MEASURING- SYSTEMS D-CP/PP 7, WITHOUT TOOLMASTER                                                                


STANDARD MEASURING SYSTEM CC27/T200/AL                               
consisting of:
- measuring cylinder B-CC27/Q1
- measuring cup C-CC27/T200/Al

STANDARD MEASURING SYSTEM DG26.7/T200/AL                            
  consisting of:
- measuring cylinder B-DG26.7/Q1
- measuring cup C-DG26.7/T200/AL 


SOLVENT TRAP ST-CYL-C/Q1                                           

STIRRER ST24-2D/2V/2V-30/129          

SOLVENT TRAP FOR STIRRERS                                                                 


RHEOMETER SOFTWARE RheoCompass  ANALYSIS PACKAGE - INTERFACIAL RHEOLOGY                                                                                
- analysis module for bi-cone system and IRS measuring cell

MEASURING CONE BI-C68-5 D: 68.28 mm, ANGLE 5°                                                             

CIRCULATION THERMOSTAT F25-MA -28...200°C, +/-0.02K, 115V/60Hz, RS232C                                              



To receive an invitation to bid please contact Jill Ballard, 

@ 3:00 PM

IFB J1386

USU Security Lighting Upgrade

The purpose of this IFB is to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror to upgrade exterior security lighting for USU.  For more information please contact Justin Bankhead, 

 12/05/19 @ 2:00 PM
RFP RK012187

Background Checks

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror to obtain background check for Utah State University.  The University is examining several alternatives of providing this product and may decide, after reviewing proposals submitted, not to enter into any agreement. For RFP information, please email


@ 3:00 PM

Sole Source: Soil Sensing System

(7)      40797 ATMOS 41 Micro Environment Monitor sensor suite, 5m stereo cable

(37)    40861 TEROS 21 Matric Potential and Temp Sensor, 5m Cable, Stereo connector for use with

                      METER loggers

(53)    40897 ZL6 Cellular Data Logger, for use worldwide on 3G cellular networks using H-1 SIM,

                     allows access to data via Internet, for use with all METER sensors, self-enclosed, solar

                     charging, batteries included

(236) 40939-S TEROS 10, VWC, Analog Sensor, 5 meter Stereo Cable

(16)   40939-S-LEN10 TEROS 10, VWC, Analog Sensor, 10 meter Stereo Cable

(50)   50097 ZENTRA Cloud 2020 Season Pass for METER Loggers

(50)   50109 ZENTRA Cloud 2021 Season Pass for all METER Loggers

(50)   50114 ZENTRA Cloud 2022 Season Pass for all METER loggers

(43)   50115 ZENTRA Cloud 2023 Season Pass for all METER loggers

(9)     50123 ZENTRA Cloud 2024 Season Pass for all METER loggers


It is critical that the loggers are easy to setup, program and monitored remotely with ease. No tools required for set up and programmed on

Smartphone for any user to work with.


Will be used for irrigation research project as part of a multi-state project.


We already have purchased some of these soil sensing system for another research project the last couple

of years and would like to be able to use the same systems so they are compatible with what we already have and we can use them with

the existing systems if needed in the field or if one should break down or be destroyed.

Contact Info: Jill Ballard at  



IFB 331

Sole source for BZ-X810 All-In-One Fluorescence Microscope Controller, Keyence

Equipment Description

The requested microscope system is a fully automated all‐in‐one digital microscope system that houses

up to 6 high‐quality lenses, 4 filter cubes in automated turrets, and a software platform which is

specifically integrated to operate with the selected hardware . The compact, fully‐enclosed design

enables it to become its own built‐in dark room, while all objectives and filters are controlled through

the software. The unit uses a 14‐bit monochrome CCD that is also able to take 24‐bit true color images.

The microscope is capable of stitching up to a 50,000x 50,000 pixel images in a combination of bright

field, phase contrast, and/or fluorescence imaging modes (8 times faster than conventional methods).

Stitched images of whole crosssections or entire wells can be used within the "Navigation Window"

to move the automated XY stage with precision to various areas of interest at higher magnifications

(including the 100x oil lens). Stitching can also be combined with the Z‐stacking capability, which allows

for capturing images within a range of focal planes that can then be projected as a single fully‐focused

image. The included analyzer software combines image correction tools with powerful quantification

functions, including the haze reduction tool which instantly removes fluorescence blurring and enables

visualization of weak fluorescence signals. The same system also has the option of integrating an

incubation chamber within the enclosed stage for easy live cell imaging. The system requires no

maintenance contract and is supported for the lifetime of the product by Keyence Corporation. Keyence

Corporation of America is also the only authorized supplier of this microscope in the US.

It has to have the ability to perform z stack or stitching of multiple images from Brain Tissue. It also needs to have the ability to expand and add different hardware and software modules such as live cell imaging over time, which can quantify fluorescence, cell movements/shape within a 96 well plate.

Equipment Specifications

Fully enclosed inverted type fluorescence phase‐contrast microscope

Dimensions: 19.33”x13.39”x19.53”

Fully digital output

Objective lens switching: Six‐mount electronic revolver

Objectives: High quality objectives, 2 ‐100x magnification

Electronic Z stage: 8mm stroke, 0.1 μm pitch minimum

Electronic Filter turret: Four filters mounted, automatic excitation shutdown during filter replacement

Fluorescent Incident Illumination: Rod fiber optical system

Fluorescence dimming mechanism

80W Metal Halide lamp: 2000 average lifetime

Black space: the stage is fully contained in a built‐in darkroom

Image pick‐up element: 2/3 inch, 2.83 million pixel monochrome CCD

Output signal, gradations: 14‐bit monochrome, 8‐bit monochrome, and 8‐bit RGB

Binning: On chip binning

Number of pixels in recorded image: 4,080 x 3,060 max (12.5 million pixels, high quality interpolation)

CCD cooling mechanism: Peltier cooling

Electronic shutter: 1/12,000 sec to 60 seconds

Electronic revolver control driver software (controlled via mouse)

Electronic stage control driver software (controlled via mouse)

Moving image recording software enabled

Multi‐color capturing software, auto overlay

Multipoint image capturing software

Anti‐Photo Bleaching Mode

Image stitching software acquires up to 50,000 x 50,000pixel image Time Lapse Cell XY‐and Z cell tracking

Real Time Quick Z‐stacking software Automatic cell counting software Measurement software

PC interface USB Live cell incubation

Weight: 33 kg (without objectives mounted) Analysis Software access key for each lab


Added Software and Options:

One of the strongest features of the Keyence BZ‐X800 is lost without the optional analysis software for

cell counting, measurement. Keyence designs all of their intuitive software allowing users to analyze

large amounts of data in minimal time. The advantage of high throughput image capture and analysis

can only be achieved with Keyence software.

Having the Keyence software eliminates the need for multiple experiments that would have to be

carried out with traditional methods, saving our lab time and money. The multitude of analytical

methods available with the Keyence Software adds a much needed capability to our lab. Additionally,

other software available on the market would not be supported by Keyence. The advantage of obtaining

both Keyence hardware and software is to ensure smooth operation and to eliminate compatibility

issues. By acquiring Keyence hardware and software, Keyence Corporation can provide expert support

for all of our imaging needs from capture to analysis.

Questions: Contact Jill Ballard


@12:00 PM

Sole Source

Leica Bond Max fully automated IHC and ISH staining System.

Only IHC system on the market that is currently approved by APHIS/NAHLN for the Scrapie/CWD testing
Please send all questions or inquiries for additonal information to


Sole Source for Autoclave

Sterilizer Control System

 Interior chamber dimensions 26” W x 36” H x 39” D, Type 316L stainless steel chamber finished to a finish of <10µ” Ra, Chamber welds ground and polished , ASME 45psi pressure rated vessel, 15 year vessel warranty, One horizontal sliding door pneumatically operated, 1” Rigid insulation protected by aluminum sheet metal, 1.5” Validation port, Copper and brass piping, Water conserving system that Decreases water usage up to 97% on steam sterilization cycles, PSS11 microprocessor control with 30 programmable cycles, Temperature accuracy of  .5C, Color touch screen user interface, Three levels of user access (Administrator, Supervisor, and Operator), Customizable Liquid, Gravity, Prevac, and Test cycles, Chamber and Jacket analog pressure gauges, Non-proprietary electric control valves, 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel fascia and side panels


Sterilizer Control System and Configuration



Single Door

Cabinet, 2 Sides

PSS500 Microcomputer Control System, SD

Steam Source
House, Regular Steam


Loading Equipment
Extendable Bottom Shelf


Mechanical and Plumbing
Brass and Copper Piping
Drain Water Quench
PRI-SaverTM Water Recirculation System


Printer and Recording Devices
Cybertech Thermal Printer w/Take Up

Panel mounted jacket pressure gauge

Documentation and Site Services
Hard Copy Manuals

Please contace Jill Ballard at



Live Event Video Production for Athletics
Multi-camera production services for a minimum of 66 events as well as additional production services needed. Attend game production and operations meetings as scheduled by UTAH STATE.  Video production feeds must be fully functioning and operational at least 1-hour prior to the scheduled start time of each event.  

Contact Jill Ballard for information


01/31/2019 3:00 PM