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Current Bids and RFPs

Utah State University Purchasing and Contract Services is currently advertising for Bids on the following items. For additional information concerning these and other current Requests for Quotations and to receive copies of the official bid submission documents, please contact Utah State University Purchasing and Contract Services at (435) 797-1033

Active RFP, Bid, RFQ, IFB, or RFI

Bid # Description Closing Date & Time
Hay Sheds
The purpose of this RFP is to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror to construct pre-engineered metal buildings at 3 separate USU locations. For questions or more information please contact
3:00 PM


Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer
Euivalent to the Rigaku XtaLAB Mini II Benchtop X-Ray Cystallography System

1              XtaLAB mini II

A small molecule X-ray crystallography system for routine small molecule structure determination. The simple rugged design provides exceptional data quality while setting a new standard for size and ease of use.

HyPix Bantam

Low noise, direct photon counting detector


The XtaLAB mini II goniometer is a simplified version of a proven Rigaku goniometer. Integrated video microscope for sample observation.

600 W X-ray Source

Rigaku has long been known for reliable X-ray sources. The XtaLAB mini II X-ray generator uses a short fine focus 1kW Mo X-ray tube.

Benchtop design

The entire XtaLAB mini II is enclosed in a rugged, fully interlocked enclosure designed to sit on a standard laboratory benchtop.

1             X-ray tube: 1.0kW Mo, 0.4 x 4mm

1              Arcless goniometer head

1              SHINE Optic - optical device that replaces the conventional graphite          monochromator to produce up to 1.7 times greater intensity.

1              Control computer – Windows – 21.5” monitor

1              CrysAlisPRO Multi-user/multi-site software license that is easy to use and can be fully automated from data collection through data reduction and processing

1              AutoChem3.0 – two seats

AutoChem3.0 is the ultimate productivity tool for chemical crystallography, offering fast, fully automatic structure solution and refinement during data collection. Developed exclusively for Rigaku Oxford Diffraction by the authors of Olex2 (Durham University and OlexSys), AutoChem3.0 builds upon the success of our original AutoChem software. Seamlessly integrated as an optional plug-in for CrysAlisPro, AutoChem3.0 offers an advanced approach for automatic structure determination, with an even higher rate of success.


NOTE: Full utilization of AutoChem function requires SHELX package* ver. 2013 or later


 1              Heat Exchanger

 1              Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream Unit with integrated Autofill

(800 Series):

  • Temperature range of 80-400K

 1              AD61 Dry Air Unit Complete

 1             Cryostream mount assembly (stand)
 2             Line Drier Unit

 1              ES-60 60 Liters Dewar Vessel

 1              Applications Training at the Customer’s Site

  • Applications training at customer’s site
  • Travel and Expenses Included.

Training must be completed within one year of system installation

For questions regarding this IFB contact Jill Ballard at

09/14/2018   3:00 PM 
RFP GC1353

Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic System

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified offerors to design, fabricate, deliver and install a utility interconnected ground mounted solar photovoltaic system. For questions or RFP documents contact Gordon Collins at .

8/16/2018  4:00 PM
RFP GC1352

Architect/Engineer Services

The purpose of this RFP is to obtain Architect/Engineer services for TSC Student Affairs Remodel. For RFP documents, questions, or more information please contact .

Awarded to 
IFB CP000878

USU Tooele Classroom Building Re-Roof

The purpose of this IFB is to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror for a re-roof of the USU Tooele Classroom Building. Please contact for bid documents or more information.

Awarded to

RFP GC1349

Architect/Engineer Services

The purpose of this RFP is to obtain Architect/Engineer services for USU Eastern Price Campus Misc. Capital Improvement Projects. For RFP documents, questions, or more information please contact .

Awarded to Method Studio


Server-Storage-Must be Turn-key solution

Server Specifications for Center for Integrated BioSystems:

  1. One (1) head node as dual socket AMD EPYC 2x 32C 7601 2.2GHz (64C total) with 256GB of RAM. Each node having 2x 480GB of SSD for storage or boot options, with at least 2x ethernet ports and one FDR (56Gb/s) InfiniBand adapter
  1. Four (4) compute nodes as dual socket AMD EPYC 2x 32C 7601 2.2GHz (64C each) with 512GB of RAM on each. Each node having 2x 480GB of SSD for storage or boot options, with at least 2x ethernet ports and one FDR (56Gb/s) InfiniBand adapter
  1. One (1) InfiniBand switch (give price for both 18-port and 36-port options)
  1. Currently on site is 1 ethernet switch with 16-ethernet ports and it has 2x 10GB ports. Will this work for networking? Model # is Dell x1018. If not, the vendor should suggest another model and add to the quote.
  1. Storage solution: BeeGFS-based parallel file system configuration. 80 to 100TB as usable space (or the best that maintains performance like high read/write speed). So provide the quote accordingly what is minimum needed to maintain the best read/write speed.
  1. One (1) PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that can accommodate electric connections of the above cluster. We already have one PDU (older model) on site.
  1. Regarding the cluster and storage implementation, must be turn-key solution/installation.
  1. Quotes should include information about the warranty (standard / advanced), what Cluster management software is provided, their pre-testing procedure / installation of software, technical support, and service contract availability/pricing.

For more information, please contact

05/22/2018 3:00 PM

Sole Source

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger System – Armfield –   Model FT25-BBPA-1FC-G
Continuous Margarine Crystallizer (two barrels, one pinworker & air Incorporation)


Full control of barrel speeds to over 1000rpm
Temperature control system incorporated
Integral membrane control panel enabling simple control and monitoring of all major variables
Enclosed self-contained, mobile, stainless steel service cabinet for easy cleaning and wash down
Hard chromed barrels
Hygienic design
Made from AISI 316 stainless steel
In cabinet refrigeration
Variable speed pinworker for margarine and soft spreads
Air incorporation system
Computer data logging facility

For questions, please contact 

May 15, 2018 
 IFB JB185

Server and storage solution that multiple work stations will be editing video from for post-production projects.

File share storage:

Windows based solution
Please provide detailed specs in your bids.
Solution must be able to deliver a minimum of 55,000 IOPS
Solution must be able to deliver a minimum of 2.5 GigaByte/second throughput

 Two Separate Bids Needed:

64 TB usable storage
128 TB usable storage

Server Specs:

2x Xeon Processors
Minimum 64 GB Ram
2x SSD Drives (OS) Mirrored
Dual Power Supply’s
10GbaseT connections
Rack mountable

Disk array:

Dual Controllers
Dual Power Supply’s
Dual Fans
10GbaseT connections
64 -128 TB usable storage (two separate bids)
Rack Mountable
Capable of RAID levels 5 and 6
Capable of automatic compression

Return Policy:

30 day return policy


5 year pro support, next business day

Network Switch:

Minimum 24 port 10Gb switch, rack mountable

Contact Jill Ballard, for invitation to bid.


 May 10, 2018 by 3:00 PM

Sole Source

Columbus Instruments Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS)-Home Cage (HC)


1 CLAMS-HC Interface & Software for 4 Stations

1 CLAMS-HC Oxymax Calorimeter for 4 Rats

1 Oxymax Dual Species Upgrade (per 8 subjects)

1 CLAMS-HC Activity for XYZ Axes in 4 Rats

1 CLAMS-HC Feeding Mass Monitoring for 4 Rats

1 CLAMS-HC Drinking Mass Monitoring for 4 Rats

4 Home Cage Mouse Feeder Assembly

4 Home Cage Mouse Drinking Assembly

1 CLAMS-HC TP 2150 Home Cage & 4 Port Lid for 4 Rats

1 CLAMS-HC 1264 Home Cage & 4 Port Lid for 4 Mice

1 CLAMS-HC Shelving for 4 Stations

1 On-site Installation and Training

For additional information, please contact

 April 20, 2018


USU Aviation plans to purchase 1 or 2 new aircraft to support flight training.

Minimum Specifications:

2017 or 2018 new aircraft DA – 40 constant speed aircraft; Composite airframe

4 seats

GFC 700 or better Autopilot Metal propeller

Lycoming IO 360 LED lights/lighting ADS-B In and Out

G1000 (Training with any avionics upgrades (digital or otherwise) WAAS Equipped Avionics

USU Aviation striping/logos installed prior to delivery

for additional information, please contact

 April 20, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Trustee Services

We are looking to obtain comprehensive trustee services for existing and future bond issuances for Utah State University.  For documents or questions, please contact

April 25th, 2018 at 3:00 pm
RFP GC1341  Architect/Engineering Services for USU Eastern Library Remodel

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror for design services for USU Eastern Library Remodel. For RFP documents or more information please contact
Awarded to MHTN Architects 
RFP USURF/18-001

Construction Manager/General Contractor Services

The Utah State University Research Foundation is requesting interested parties submit proposals for for CM/GC Services for the new Space Dynamics Lab Phase II building on the USU Innovation  Campus in North Logan, Utah. The project is a new 3 story building, approximately 75,000 s.f. with an anticipated construction budget of $28 Million. Interested parties must submit a mandatory “Intent to Submit” notification before April 9th, 2018. A mandatory site visit will be held at the project site in North Logan, Utah on April 9th, at 10:00 am. For more information including RFP documents or to submit the mandatory "Intent to Submit" notification please contact Joe Beck, USU Project Coordinator at 435-.797-3757 or

April 20, 2018 by 12:00 pm 
RFP B1339

Computerized Maintenance Management System

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror for a computerized maintenance management system. For RFP documents or more information contact

April 26, 2018 by 3:00 pm
Sole Source

Utah State University, Advancement and Alumni relations intends to contract with Reeher LLC for the purchase of a platform to aid in fundraising and annual and major gifts donations to the University.

Reeher Platform is a web-based shared management system designed exclusively for higher education fundraising.  The software works with any donor database and provides predictive models, productivity tools, metrics, reports and peer benchmarking to help advancement organizations work more efficiently. 

Key elements include:

  • custom predictive models that are built specifically for the institution using their constituent’s demographic data
  • a unique score based on participation history, giving history and many other factors, that will identify a constituent’s inclination to provide a major gift, not merely capacity.

These models will provide scores for each constituent relating to major giving, annual giving and net worth.  Models are modified and tested using proven methods to ensure accuracy.  Reeher conducts a regression analysis each year on the models showing fundraising potential, performance and opportunities along with providing management a quarterly review of progress towards the goals defined.

  • Intuitive web-based software tools

Intuitive web-based software tools will enable fundraising staff to collectively reach fundraising goals and not waste time searching and wading through data.  The tools include hundreds of interactive reports and dashboards designed specifically for the institution.  A web-based interface, Targeter query tool, and mobile applications will provide fundraisers with on-the-go access providing them with the tools to create their own travel pulls and other info needed to make the right ask and enable them to easily record their activity in one single solution.  The interface can be tailored to each of their roles, needs and responsibilities.  Combining the predictive models with the software tools will allow an institution to create and support data-driven decisions throughout University Advancement.

  • an enhanced a proprietary shared management system exclusively for higher education fundraising
  • industry-leading benchmarking and research based on a group of over 115 higher education peers and applies that insight to each customer’s performance and initiatives
  • unlimited user training, customer support, and frequent software enhancements at no additional cost

The Reeher community network consists of over 130 higher education peers.  This allows an institution to become part of a powerful community of shared knowledge and best practices focused on improvement.  The community will help an institution measure and understand their performance compared to their peers.  Institutions have access to the Reeher methodologies, research and benchmark studies to help inform their strategy and planning.   A customer success team will work with the institution to create a clearly defined path that will change the way they fundraise and build a high performing program.    

For more information please contact Robert Kekauoha at


Sole Source

Robinson Helicopter Company

Helicopter parts for a Robinson R22.

For additional information, please contact

Feb. 28, 2018


Champ Drive Sewer Replacement

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror for Construction Management/General Contractor Services for the Champ Drive Sewer Replacement. For RFP documents or more information please contact


Awarded to Jacobsen Construction


Dual Beam (Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope Instrument

"Remanufactured" FEI Nova 600i Nanolab

Electron Column -30kV Schottky SFEG
Ion Column -30kV Sidewinder Ga LMIS

Operating system and User Interface

-Windows XP OS with FEI xT UIand TSS Windows 7 customer server interface PC

Vacuum modes -High Vacuum

Stage & Chamber

-5-axes motorized stage, compucentric rotation and tilt

-XYZ:  SOmm x  SOmm x  Omm,360° Rotation, -10° +60 Tilt0

-lSOmm diameter full coverage


-In-Lens SE (TLD-SE), In-lens Bse (TLD BSE), Everhardt Thornley SEK, IR Camera Gas injecti on system (GIS)

-1GIS with chemistry of choice are included. Max 5 GIS

Vacuum System

-Chamber: turbomolecular pump (TMP)

-Pre-vacuum pump:dry pump

-Ion column and electron column: 3 IGP

Utility requirements - see OEM pre-installation for complete details

-Power:230V, 50 or 60Hz

-Water : House water or chiller, 10-15 liter/hr,60-70° F

-Air: compressed 60-80psi,clean, dry & oil free

-Nitrogen: Clean, dry, oil-free, 3-4.5 psi.

Ancillary Equipment:

-UPS: for uninterruptable  power supply and power conditioning-OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED

-Water chiller: for electron column- INCLUDED

-Air Compressor: INCLUDED

-Nitrogen:tank or house-CUSTOMER PROVIDED


-Installation and user training included

-6 month warranty

-For more details see the OEM specifications


-Installation and 6 month warranty

"USED/TESTED " Evactron Plasma Cleaner

-Installation and 6 month warranty

"New" Powervar On-Line Uninterruptible Power System Model ABCDEFG000-22 Part  

# 22060-07R- 6kVA ,Input 208V via 6-50P Plug on cord,Output 240V Configurable to 230V 60Hz, Interna l Batteries, Tower Configuration

         Must have an Omniprobe or another kind of Manipulator 

For Additional information, please contact

 January 30, 2018 by 3:00 PM
RFP RC012156

Applicant Tracking and Hiring System

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror to obtain an Applicant Tracking and Hiring Management System for Utah State University. For RFP documents, questions, or more information concerning this RFP please contact Ray Cheatham at

The Office of Human Resources, as it relates to the hiring process, follows a decentralized model. Human Resources provides administrative support over the Applicant Tracking and Hiring System and provides training and guidance related to the system, hiring policies, and procedures.

For additional general information about The Office of Human Resources, please visit the Human Resources home page at

Awarded to iCIMS
 IFB# GC1321

Salt Lake Campus Relocation

The purpose of this IFB is to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror for a remodel/relocation of the USU Salt Lake Campus. For bid documents or more information please contact

Awarded to Gramoll Construction

RFP GC1320

USU Campus Map

The purpose of this RFP is to enter into a contract with a qualified offeror for a new USU campus map. For RFP documents or more information contact

Awarded to Gateway Mapping

IFB GC1301

The purpose of this Invitation for Bid (IFB) is to obtain bids for parking lot seal coating on the campus of Utah State University. For bid documents or more information please contact .

Awarded to Top Job Asphalt