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Household Moves

Departments may offer to pay moving expenses as incentive during the hiring process for a faculty or administrative position. Please see Policy 335 - Relocation Assistance. It is up to the department to negotiate an amount and cover agreed-upon cost. See also Moving Expenses on the Controller's page. 

A payment made directly to a commercial moving company is non-taxable to the employee. Utah State University has a contract with Bailey's Moving & Storage who is the agent for Allied Van Lines. 


1. The sponsoring department initiates the process by contacting Robert Kekauoha in Purchasing and Contract Services at as soon as possible with the following information:

  • The name of the person moving
  • The city and state of origin
  • The city and state of destination
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the new employee
  • Anticipated date of the move
  • Any dollar limits

2. After the department creates a requisition, Purchasing & Contract Services notifies the moving company about the proposed move. 

3. The moving company contacts the new employee. 

4. The dollar estimate comes to the buyer in Purchasing & Contract Services who then notifies the requesting department. 

5. After the department gives its approval of the dollar estimate, a Purchase Order is placed with the moving company.