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Section 4: Duties of Chief Procurement Officer

(1) Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, the Vice President for Business and Finance or the Director of Purchasing and Contract Services, serves as the central procurement officer of Utah State University and shall:

(A)  adopt office policies governing the internal functions of Purchasing;

(B)  procure or supervise each procurement over which the Vice President for Business and Finance has authority;

(C)  prepare statistical data concerning procurement usage at Utah State University;

(D)  ensure that:

 (i) before approving a procurement not covered by an existing statewide contract for information technology or telecommunications supplies or services, the chief information officer and Utah State University state in writing that the needs analysis was completed, unless the procurement is approved in accordance with Title 63M, Chapter 1, Part 2603, Government Procurement Private Proposal Program provide training to Utah State University employees who do business with procurement.