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Section 11: Sole Sourcing

Sole Sourcing falls under Section 18, Exceptions to Procurement Requirements. As outlined in Utah State System of Higher Education Policy R-571, below is the core guideline for Sole Sourcing.

“Sole Source Procurement is not permissible unless a requirement is available from only a single supplier. A requirement for a particular proprietary item does not justify a sole source procurement if there is more than one potential bidder or offeror for that item. The determination as to whether a procurement shall be made as a sole source shall be made by the ‘Director of Purchasing and Contract Services,’ or their designee.

In cases of reasonable doubt, competition should be solicited. The following are examples of circumstances which could necessitate sole source procurement:

o   where the compatibility of equipment, accessories, or replacement parts is the paramount consideration;

o   where a sole supplier’s item is needed for trial use or testing;

o   where a sole supplier’s item is to be procured for resale;

o  where public utility services are to be procured.”