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Section 14: Multiple Stage Bidding Process

(1) Utah State University may conduct a bid in multiple stages, to:

(A) narrow the number of bidders who will progress to a subsequent stage;

(B) prequalify bidders for subsequent stages,

(C) enter into a contract for a single procurement; or

(D) award multiple contracts for a series of upcoming procurements.

(2) The invitation for bid for a multiple stage bidding process shall:

(A) describe the requirements for, and purpose of, each stage of the process;

(B) indicate whether Utah State University intends to award:

(i) a single contract; or

(ii) multiple contracts for a series of upcoming procurements; and

(iii) state that:

(a) the first stage is for prequalification only;

(b) a bidder may not submit any pricing information in the first stage of the process; and

(c) bids in the second stage will only be accepted from a person who prequalifies in the first stage.

(C) During the first stage, Utah State University:

(i) shall prequalify bidders to participate in subsequent stages,

(ii) shall prohibit the submission of pricing information until the final stage; and

(iii) may, before beginning the second stage, request additional information to clarify the qualification of the bidders who submit timely responses.

(D) Contracts may only be awarded for a procurement item described in stage one of the invitation for bid.

(E) Utah State University may conduct a bid in as many stages as it determines to be appropriate.

(F) Except as otherwise expressly provided in this section, Utah State University shall conduct a multiple stage process in accordance with this part.

(G) The Vice President for Business and Finance may make rules governing the use of a multiple stage process described in this section.