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Section 32: Facilities, Planning and Design & General Construction Provisions, Architectural Services Etc.

(1) Utah State University Department of Facilities is responsible for all construction or modifications of buildings and infrastructure, master planning, district planning, project studies, project programming, design development, and architectural services related to all Utah State University campuses and properties. In addition, various groups control, influence, or manage Facilities processes related to these functions including:

(A) USU Space Management Committee,

(B) USU Signage Committee

(C) USU Architectural Review Committee (ARC),

(D) Senior USU Administrative officials,

(E) USU Board of Trustees,

(F) Utah System of Higher Education,

(G) Board of Regents,

(H) Utah State Building Board and Building Board Staff,

(I) State of Utah Administrative Services, including:

(i) Utah Department of Facilities Construction Management (DFCM),

(ii) Purchasing,

(iii) Risk Management;

(iv) State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO)

(v) Department of Environmental Quality,

(J) State Legislature and committees,

(K) Other State or Federal agencies as may be involved in project authorization, and

(L) Utah State University Vice President for Business and Finance.

(2) All Procurement related to these activities are subject to Utah State University Procurement Policy, Purchasing and Contract Services Procedures, Utah State Code 63G-6a–1300 through 1506 and the State of Utah Building Board Code.