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Section 47: Radioactive Material or Radiological Equipment Orders

(1) Authorized Departmental radiological users must use a controlled process for purchasing radiological items. Radiological items include radioactive items and X-Ray producing equipment. Departmental users may use the EZ-Buy online purchasing system “Radiological Material/Equipment Request” electronic form, or submit a “Radiological Material/Equipment Request” paper form to Purchasing and Contract Services along with a requisition. The University Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) will provide request forms and instruction as needed.

(2) The RSO must be contacted for approval to order radiological items. If EZ-Buy is used, the RSO is contacted automatically as part of the approval process. If the Purchasing and Contract Services Agent is used, the Agent will contact the RSO for approval.

(3) If the Agent Coordinates purchase of a radiological item, a copy of the “Radiological Material/Equipment Request” paper form will promptly be provided to the RSO.

(4) An annual Radioisotope bid is conducted by Purchasing and Contract Services.

(5) Radioisotopes or other radioactive materials cannot be purchased using a P-Card due to federal regulatory issues.