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Procurement Rules and Procedures

Table of Contents

(1) Utah State University Procurement Code and General Procurement Provisions

(2) Definitions

(3) Purchasing and Contract Services General Information

(4) Duties of Chief Procurement Officer

(5) Delegation of Purchasing Authority

(6) Small Purchases

(7) Reimbursements to USU Employees

(8) Prequalification of Potential Vendors

(9) Public Notice of Procurement Process or Sole Source Procurement

(10) Purpose of Specifications

(11) Sole Sourcing

(12) Request for Information (RFI)

(13) Invitation for Bid, (IFB)

(14) Multiple Stage Bidding Process

(15) Contracts Awarded by Reverse Auction

(16) Request for Proposal (RFP)

(17) Multi Stage Procurement

(18) Exceptions to Procurement Requirements

(19) Cancellations, Rejections, and Debarment

(20) Quote, Bid, Offer, or Contract Prohibited by Person With Outstanding Tax Lien – Exceptions

(21) Preferences

(22) Bonds

(23) Construction, Contracts, and Change Orders

(24) Multiyear Contracts

(25) Regulation of Contract Types - Permitted and Prohibited Contract Types

(26) Rules and Regulations to Determine Allowable Incurred Costs -- Required Information -- Auditing of Books

(27) Certification of Change Order (Construction or Non-Construction)

(28) Installment Payments -- Contract Prepayments

(29) Leases - General

(30) Equipment Leases and Rentals

(31) Contract Provisions for Incentives, Damages, and Penalties

(32) Facilities, Planning and Design & General Construction Provisions, Architectural Services Etc...

(33) Procurement Appeals Board, Appeal To Utah Court of Appeals, Provisions Related to Protest and Appeal

(34) Records

(35) Interaction Between Procurement Units

(36) Ethical Conduct and Penalties

(37) Capital Expenses

(38) Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages

(39) Shipping or Returning Merchandise

(40) Materials Damaged in Shipping

(41) Shipping Claims

(42) Flowers, Gifts, Awards, Appreciation, Retirement, Cards, and like items

(43) Conflict of Interest

(44) Travel Procedures and Cost

(45) Procurement of Recovered Materials

(46) Printing & Usage of Logos and Marks

(47) Radioactive Material or Radiological Equipment Orders

(48) Laboratory Animals

(49) Toxins/Biological Agents

(50) Servicing and Calibration of Balances (Scales)

(51) Credit Reports

(52) Contract Review and Signature

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